BRICK HOLDING is a holding company investing in various businesses. Creating new assets through innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as well as preserving and developing existing assets – this is the challenge BRICK HOLDING is committed to. The company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, was founded on a tradition that has lasted for five generations and more than 185 years of entrepreneurship and stands out primarily for its reliability, expertise and numerous international contacts. It views itself as the flagship out of all of company founder Bertram R. C. Rickmers’ holdings.

With foresight and outstanding judgment, BRICK HOLDING manages a wide range of investments and holdings in the fields of shipping, real estate and other profitable sectors found in growing markets around the globe.



Bertram R. C. Rickmers is the founder of BRICK HOLDING, the sole shareholder of the company and the Chairman of the Executive Management Board.

The Rickmers family have a more than 185-year tradition in entrepreneurship, especially in the shipping industry.

Bertram R. C. Rickmers has been building our group since establishing MCC Marine Consulting & Contracting in 1982, the nucleus of his worldwide business and investment activities. He is a well-known investor in shipping and real estate as well as other industries.

Bertram R. C. Rickmers has a degree in economics from the University of Freiburg.



Ulrik Kriete joined BRICK HOLDING as CEO and Managing Director in September 2016.

Before his current position, he served for the Rickmers Group starting in 2004 as Director Controlling with additional responsibilities as Managing Director in several companies within the group and across all group segments dedicated to shipping as well as other investments.

In 2011 he became Executive Vice President for accounting, reporting and controlling. He was responsible for the modernisation of the financial organisation and the Rickmers Group’s readiness for the capital markets. Into 2015 he was appointed CFO of the maritime assets segment and Managing Director of Rickmers Reederei.
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